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Headquarters, Inc. is made up of 2 programs: Headquarters Counseling Center and the Kansas Suicide Prevention Resource Center. Both programs serve ALL of Kansas and in some cases, Kansas City, MO.  

HowTheNSPLWorksWhen a call is placed to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, it is routed by area code to the closest crisis center. In Kansas, that call comes to Headquarters Counseling Center first. Anyone can call for any reason. Because we're a non-profit, All calls are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL thanks to our generous donors. 

Our direct line is 785-841-2345 or through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255 (TALK). As part of the National Suicide Prevention Line network, we are part of a 160-center network. Even if our counselors cannot answer, calls to the NSPL have a very high answer rate by "rolling" to the next crisis center. Online Chat is also available on our website.

DonateHeadquarters, Inc. is funded almost entirely by individual, business, and foundation donations. Headquarters can't exist without your generosity. Click here to make a donation. Click here to learn about different ways you can donate or to give to a specific program. Check out our 2019 annual report to see how your gifts serve real people and communities across our state. 

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What Happens when I call the NSPL?

Who Can Call? How does it work? 

How Can I get involved?

What is Headquarters?

Is suicide really that big of an issue? YES! Suicide is the #10 cause of death in Kansas and the country Click to see our local statistics.

Learn more about suicide prevention in Kansas and how Headquarters is fighting it. 

What are the warning signs of suicide?

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What is the Kansas Suicide Prevention Resource Center?

The KSPRC offers training and resources in communities across the state. We work with schools, businesses, coalitions, civic organizations, churches, mental health centers, law enforcement, first responders, and more. By training and raising awareness in communities, we help reduce the stigma around mental health and suicide, while teaching members of that community to identify and intervene when someone is considering suicide. Our 2017 Annual report shows all of the training and programs offered by the KSPRC, or you can visit the KSPRC website for trainings and descriptions. 

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