Time to Talk

Guidelines and Policies for Instant Messaging:

We are committed to creating a community that encourages self-expression and mirrors the values of HQCC, including respect for the rights and dignity of others. We ask all chat participants to do their part to help us achieve that goal. In doing that, we ask you not to use content that:

  • is threatening, abusive, obscene, indecent, or objectionable
  • is deceptive, false, or misleading
  • violates the intellectual property rights of other people
  • is illegal
  • self-promoting spam
  • is inappropriate, offensive, or hateful

We reserve the right to block users that violate our chat guidelines, or that we determine are otherwise offensive to our chat counselors.

Lifeline Crisis Chat

If our local chat portal is closed, please contact the Lifeline Crisis Chat for 24/7 services.

Terms and Conditions

Individuals seeking help or information through Headquarters Counseling Center (HQCC) can expect their contact will remain confidential. All staff associated with HQCC agree to comply with the obligation to ensure that the identities of individuals shall be kept completely private in non-life threatening situations. 

By using HQCC chat, you accept, understand, and acknowledge these Terms of Use.

HQCC Chat is a free, anonymous, confidential, and secure online emotional support service that provides emotional support and referrals over the internet.

Hours of operation are currently Tuesday - Saturday 8 p.m. - 11 p.m. HQCC Chat is unavailable outside of those times. HQCC respects its users' right to privacy. Any identifying information given will be held in confidence and HQCC's records are confidential. HQCC is also a mandated reporter in the State of Kansas. In the instance that a client discloses suicidal or homicidal thoughts which are deemed by HQCC to be imminent in threat or a situation of child abuse or sexual assault, and identifying information has been given, HQCC must, by law, report this information to the appropriate authorities. For more information on HQCC's privacy policies, please email

HQCC Chat's volunteer chat specialists are trained para-professional counselors and should not be counted on for medical, legal, or other advice. Any decisions made by the client before, during, or after the termination of a chat are not the responsibility of HQCC or its volunteers or staff.

Any referrals made by HQCC made by HQCC are to be used at the client's discretion. HQCC is not responsible for the actions or inactions of any outside or third party agencies.

Any violation of these terms or any content not explicitly mentioned above that is deemed inappropriate by HQCC's supervisors or staff, will result in a termination of the chat and/or blocking a user from accessing HQCC Chat in the future.