Headquarters Counseling Center Announces Financial State of Emergency

November 10, 2016

Headquarters Counseling Center, the area leader in suicide prevention and operator of the National Suicide Prevention hotline, is facing a financial state of emergency based on a significant cash flow shortage. Due to a decrease in individual contributions, fundraising efforts and grant support, without an influx of funds, Headquarters will be forced to close on December 31 st , 2016.

Headquarters takes over 20,000 calls per year. These calls result in a reduction in suicide attempts, emergency room visits, and police and first responder interventions. In addition to the hotline, Headquarters helps to advance suicide prevention legislation and policy in the state, provides suicide prevention training to Kansans, supports local community suicide prevention coalitions through our involvement with the Kansas Prevention Collaborative. Headquarters works closely with local universities and local school districts to prevent youth suicides and provide an understanding of the warning signs.

In the past five years, public support from the City of Lawrence and UnitedWay have been 100% eliminated. A federal grant ended in August of 2015, leaving a significant shortage of capital which in turn lead to the reduction of staff and capacity. We also do not receive county or state funding. The valuable work of Headquarters is predominately funded by individual contributions and private grants.

Headquarters Counseling Center currently employees three people and operates of a budget of $240,000 per year. The Crisis Center is staffed primarily by volunteers. The financial value of the volunteer hours equates to an excess of $300,000. Based upon the current financial crisis, we are asking the community to help us keep the doors open by raising $90,000 by December 5 th , to avoid closure on December 31 st . This money will provide three months of operating budget and allow us to establish a reserve for 2017.

We have already secured 35% of the operational budget for 2017. We are developing new programs to take advantage of alternate funding streams and pursuing additional fee-for- service contracts for training and technical assistance. In 2016, over 25% of our funding came from providing these types of services and we have seen an increase in demand.

Headquarters continues to be a vital part of our community. We need help to get us through this financial crisis and continue the 47 years of saving lives. All money raised will go directly toward keeping the mission of Headquarters going and the continuation of suicide prevention efforts across the state.

Every dollar helps.

We are asking the community to contribute to the Save Headquarters campaign at https://prevent-suicide.givecorps.com/projects/20134- save-headquarters.

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